Had Excellent Service on my Mini Cooper Convertible top. Had stopped working and had a very high bid from MiniUSA to fix it. Found Nissi via Yelp and gave them a try. Took a great, measured approach to finding the problem before committing to replacing needless parts. While Mini said the whole convertible motor was burnt out and needed to be replaced, Benny and co. found that not to be the case and saved me hundreds in parts. Will definitely go back and refer friends.

Corey. from San Francisco, CA

I would not get my Mini cooper serviced anywhere else. Benny is truly a trustworthy guy and I appreciate that he is always so honest with me when it comes to the services he believes my mini cooper actually needs vs. what could be done. He has great technical knowledge, love of mini and the pricing is competitive.

Jennifer from San Francisco, CA

Broke down in SF and didn’t want a dealership touching my car, I looked up Mini Performance in San Francisco on GOOGLE and Benny’s shop popped up. He was the most knowledgeable and straight forward owner i’ve ever met and he seemed to enjoy taking the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend you at least try his shop once and that you’ll be quite impressed by how well he works. EXEMPLARY BUSINESS

Taylor from San Francisco, CA

To Benny and all staffs at Nissi Motors,
What a unique experience to have my beloved mini serviced at your facility, especially in the heart of San Francisco. This is definitely the place where automotive passion meets quality services.

Andy from San Franicsco, CA


It’s was pleasure to have my mini fixed at Nissi Motors. Benny is a great person and he cares about his customers. I’ll continue to service my MINI at Nissi Motors when it’s necessary in the future.

Anatoliy from  San Francisco, CA


Mini Service of San Francisco is highly professional, with obviously well-trained and knowledgeable personnel. Nissi is a welcome alternative to formula dealer non-service. The comfort level and satisfaction after the service is the highest.

Joe from San Francisco, CA


 Recently got my MINi and had to get it serviced for the first time last week. Benny was very thorough in explaining what he was going to do and itemized everything he did. The interaction was so positive that I know that I will continue to bring the car to him as long as I have it. Thanks for the great service.

Rhodora from San Francisco, CA


It’s my first time to Nissi and it looks like they did a great job servicing my car MINI yesterday. My car runs well and I will come back for sure for future service. The price is reasonable. Thank you!

Ruby from San Francisco, CA


As people often say, you generally hear bad review first and hardly the good ones. Well that is not the case with Nissi Motors. Especially when dealing with Benny. Never in my passed experiences dealing with repair shops until now have I come across such a pleasant and professional service. Benny took time to explain what went wrong with my car and he even showed me parts replaced. The last I went to a dealership all they shown me were lines after lines of big numbers on the invoice. ;-( In fact, Benny even convinced me to keep my Bmer rather can swapping for a new one. Cause he strongly believe the German motor engineering is far superior and are built to last. Hence, with good maintenance my car will definitely last much longer.As far as I’m concern, Nissi Motors is a godsend. Cause I already have my second car in the workshop to be work on and follow suite will be my wife car. You can never go wrong having you car taken care of by Benny and team at Nissi Motors.Definitely a “Two Thumbs UP!” cause my car is running so smoothly now. I have all the pick up power now as if like it was brand new! 😉

Kelvin from San Francisco, CA

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